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Amritha is a full-time PhD student in the School of Science and Environment at the University of Worcester. 

Amritha’s main research interest is using advanced remote sensing techniques to map and monitor plant stress in riverine ecosystems. Her PhD research focuses on mapping and monitoring the vegetation cover extent and topography as well as vegetation structure and composition of Submerged Aquatic Vegetation(SAV). She is conducting a mixed methods study into identifying and assessing the different stress factors within the SAV canopies using information obtained from Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetry.

Her supervisors are Dr Fleur Visser and Prof. Ian Maddock at the University of Worcester and Dr Jonas Schoelynck from the University of Antwerp.

Prior to commencing her PhD, Amritha worked as a GIS Analyst on a project based in Wales known as ‘Mixed farming-histories and future’. A major component of this project was to digitise historical Tithe maps; historical hand-drawn maps of parishes/towns that map and name the boundaries of land ownership at the time. In addition, Amritha also assisted with the quality assurance of computer-generated field boundaries in Brazil.

When not studying or working, Amritha plays badminton, goes hiking or enjoys listening to ambient music.


MSc Remote Sensing and GIS, 2019, Aberystwyth University
BTech Computer Science and Engineering, 2017, University of Kerala