Partner institutions


The University of Worcester is proud to work with various partners to support a range of projects.

 We develop formal partnerships where these projects are long term and achieve at least one of the following outcomes:  

  1. Widening participation in higher education
  2. Progressing students to UW from within / outside the UK
  3. Raising aspirations and awareness of HE
  4. Achieving high quality and viable collaborative provision of courses
  5. Increasing the diversity of UW students

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss forming a partnership with the University of Worcester, please contact the partnership team:

Institutions seeking a partnership regarding course approval, please note the minimum number of students for undergraduate courses is 15, and the minimum number of students for postgraduate courses is 10.

Collaborative Courses Register

The collaborative courses register is organised by the Academic Quality Unit. Courses are included in the register once they have been fully approved by the University. The register includes all provision which is delivered and/or supported and/or assessed through an arrangement with a partner organisation. 

Upcoming University Centre events

University Centre Halesowen virtual lectures: 

Dr Tricia Connell interviews author Rachel Edwards about her psychological thriller Darling.  YouTube  Monday 22nd March at 1.00pm

Michelle Malomo on Home Schooling, the aftermath - lessons shared to empower children and their families as they emerge from lockdown, 19th April at 7.30pm

Hereford University Centre virtual lectures: 

How can an Understanding of Brain Development Improve Practice by Michelle Malomo on Tuesday 11th May at 6.00pm.

Please email the Student Hub if you are interested in attending this live event at