Worcester Experts Share Their Work with the President of Malta


The Centre has led the training of more than 700 professionals, including 40 judges, in Malta as part of an EU-funded project, working with the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality and the University of Malta to understand and improve the multi-disciplinary responses to domestic abuse.

Following an informal meeting, on International Women's Day, in which Professor Liz Gilchrist and Beverley Gilbert, from the University of Worcester, were first introduced to Her Excellency Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, the President of Malta, the pair were invited to a formal reception with the President at the San Anton Palace.

Professor Gilchrist said: "We discussed the work we are currently engaged in in Malta, which is titled Full Cooperation, Zero Violence. It was fantastic to be given an opportunity to talk to the President about the project.

"Her Excellency is keen to support this work going forward and we are now discussing a possible round table sponsored by her Excellency to develop certain aspects of ongoing need in this area or a series of public talks."

The two-year project started in January 2017 and concludes this December and is aimed at strengthening cooperation across a number of sectors and disciplines, including health, justice and education, enabling relevant professionals to help combat violence against women, while raising awareness and encouraging more victims and bystanders to report such incidents.

As part of the project, Professor Gilchrist and Beverley Gilbert have travelled regularly to Malta to deliver training to a range of professionals.

"We have received very positive evaluations, and from our evaluation of the training can see a change in knowledge and attitude over the past 12 months," said Professor Gilchrist.

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