Social Media and Digital Industry Experts Explore Digital Futures with University of Worcester Students


The guests took part in a panel discussion at The Hive with students from the University's Department of English, Media and Culture, looking at future employability, the function and impact of the internet on their industry and what the future holds.

It was also an opportunity for students to build strong industry links, enabling them to begin planning for their professional future.

Katy Wareham Morris, Lecturer in Media and Culture, said: "This event provided an excellent opportunity for the students as it enabled them to see how their academic studies translate in the "real world", developing a broader understanding and appreciation for a range of growing industries, which rely on digital technologies.

"It also gave them an insight into the roles and opportunities that will be available to them after university so they can begin to make plans for their future now, increasing their chances of employability."

Since January, students have been studying a range of modules across the undergraduate media and culture degree course that explore changes in global communications and, personal and professional relationships with the internet. This included how technology continues to grow and change. The discussion aimed to make students aware of how their career path will be shaped by such developments.

The panel consisted of technology entrepreneurs, social media influencers, music industry experts and advertising and PR Directors. They included Oli Hills, CEO of Updates Media, Emma Conway, an award winning YouTuber and freelance writer, Daniel Caines, Director at PR agency, Beyond 400, and, Jo Jeffries, Director at entertainment and media consultancy, 7LOCO.

Members of the panel also told students about their career path and current role.

Following the panel discussion, students had the opportunity to network, discussing future work projects, potential work placement opportunities and advice for the world of work.

The Department of English, Media and Culture hopes to foster these relationships between industry professionals and students, as it believes nurturing transferable skills and employability are essential components of students" long-term success.

Anthony Lee, Digital Communications Co-Coordinator for Punch Records and one of the panellists, said: "It was great to open conversations with such enthusiastic students."