New Publication Gives Insight into How Shakespeare's Works Are Interpreted Across Europe


Europe's Shakespeare(s) is a timely publication reflecting the political unrest in the UK, in continental Europe, and indeed across the world, as portrayed through differing adaptations of the Bard's writings.

The collection of articles was borne from the European Shakespeare Research Association (ESRA) biennial conference in Worcester in 2015, in which the focus was on the dialogue between Shakespeare's Europe and Europe's Shakespeare(s).

Dr Nicoleta Cinpoes, the University of Worcester's Head of English, Media & Culture and Director of the Early Modern Research Group, who envisaged the collection and is co-editing it, said: "This new publication comes as a collective stance that aims to take stock of the work of Shakespeare Studies three years on from the conference at a time of tense and intense political, cultural, financial, and military exchanges in Europe and beyond.

"Besides continuing what has been a strong tradition in Shakespeare Studies, the varied contributions to this volume " ranging from new critical interpretations, adaptation, translations, performing, publishing, reviewing and archiving " literally map out the intrinsic role Shakespeare-the-European has been playing in shaping Europe (and the world), not least giving voice to those who refuse to be cast as "mutes or audience" to political acts."

The collection includes 16 major contributions from Shakespeare experts around the world, including Dr Cinpoes and Professor Clare Cochrane, from the University of Worcester.

It will be launched at the biennial International Shakespeare Conference in Stratford-upon-Avon in July.