Hidden Histories of WW1 Explored

"Remembering the WW1 Home Front in the Midlands" will look at how the conflict was experienced in industry, agriculture, shops, pubs and homes throughout the Midlands and give a voice to the people and families whose stories are less often told.

Professor Maggie Andrews, of the University of Worcester, said: "When some men went to war others were left behind and with women and children worried, waited and worked in their homes, towns and villages."

The conference is taking place at the Kidderminster Museum of Carpet on Saturday, March 11th and has been organised by the Women's History Network in association with Professor Andrews, as part of her work with the Voices of War and Peace World War Engagement Centre.

The History department at the University of Worcester has been involved in running Women's History Network conferences for over a decade, helping to unearth the stories of those whose lives are all too often passed over by more traditional histories. Once a year these events are held in museums to encourage a range of participants.

Professor Andrews said: "Wars influence not just those who participate in the fighting and their families and friends, but ordinary people who are trying to live their everyday lives. Many people who weren't involved in the decision to go to war have their lives turned upside down by conflict 100 years ago just as they still do today.

"The conference should interest a wide range of people, from those with a general interest in the Home Front and local history, to students studying the subject, either at school, college, or at university. We would like as many people as possible come along on March 11th to remember how the war effected people in our local area. Their stories are all too often forgotten."

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