Sport and Drama Students Work Together to Further Knowledge

Sport and Drama collaboration

The students took part in a unique learning opportunity, taking high profile legal cases from the sports industry and acting them out. It was a chance for the students to further their knowledge in their respective fields.

Drama students acted out the case in the University’s moot court suite, with sports students as members of the jury. It was a chance for the Drama students to work on their acting and directing skills, and for the Sports Coaching students to consider ethical dilemmas in sport. Legal advice was provided by one of the University’s Law lecturers.

Glyn Harding, Principal Lecturer in Sports Coaching, who helped to co-ordinate the activity, said: “This was an excellent way for students across three completely different courses to work together and to learn about their own field of studies based on real-life scenarios. It was an excellent collaboration and I think all of the students found it beneficial and enjoyable.”

Sport nd Drama collaboration 2

Second year Sports Coaching student, Suffiah McAnuff, said: “We really enjoyed this project really got into it. It made us realise how hard it would be to be on the jury of a real case. It was a worthwhile experience.”

Sports Students Elliot McPherson added: “This was a valuable learning experience especially in listening and understanding different viewpoints.”

Drama student Grace Livermore said the project was a chance to refine a number of skills. “Having to project my voice across the court room to different target audiences was outside my normal range. Engaging with the sports team was really beneficial.”

While Abi Jarvis added: “Being accused almost felt like I was fighting for my life in an authentic way in front of the jury. This will prepare me in immersive theatre if I choose to follow a career in Drama therapy.”