Nursing Students Complete Research Internship

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Hannah Baars, Ellis Hill, Lydia Ridyard and Tracy Willis have all completed a bespoke research internship

Over the last two years, Hannah Baars, Ellis Hill, Lydia Ridyard and Tracy Willis have been learning about research processes and approaches under the guidance of their mentors.

The research internship scheme intends to provide opportunities to students who demonstrate an interest in research and helps to build a research profile for their future careers.

In addition to the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) requirements of their course, the interns have each completed approximately 300 hours of work associated with their personal nursing research interests.

Dr Theresa Mitchell, Associate Professor of Nursing at the University, said: “The interns have worked hard to balance their responsibilities to the NMC and the internship scheme. It has been a joy to observe their development over the past two years; they have learned about methods, methodologies and novel ways of researching, in addition to gaining insight into how research teams work. Their enthusiasm and motivation have been exceptional.”

Lydia, a children’s nurse said: “My goal on the internship scheme was to link the research I had read with my placement experience.”

Hannah, who completed the Mental Health Nursing pathway, said: “My mentor helped me to understand what I was reading – it was a useful iterative process – she suggested relevant publications.”

Ellis completed Adult Nursing. She said: “I have been able to see how research impacts on practice and treatment of patients. What I have been able to find out and achieve with my mentor has surpassed my expectations.”

Tracy, also an Adult Nurse, added: “I believe my internship helped me with my dissertation. Learning how to source and read research helped me to recognise good research.”

They will all graduate in November and over the coming months will begin their careers as registered nurses.