Graduate Returns to Inspire New International Students

Thelma Bajowa with David Green

Thelma Bajowa came to the UK at the age of 17 to study at the University, and after five years at Worcester, has gone on to set up two businesses in the UK.

The 31-year-old came to speak to first year international students, telling them to make the most of their opportunities and to aim high.

“I am the woman that I am today because of the foundation I got from the University of Worcester,” said Thelma.  “It taught me to believe in myself and reach for the sky.  I believe nothing should hold you back - not your friends, or family. You are the only one who can limit yourself.”

Thelma completed a Business, Accountancy and Marketing degree at the University of Worcester in 2009, then went on to complete a Masters in International Marketing Management the following year.

After graduation, the mother-of-four’s first job was as an online marketing executive, then she went on to do recruitment for a specialist mining company.

Thelma is the Co-founder of TJB Synergy, a company that provides software solutions to business, market research, motivational talks and recruitment (Mining and Education sector).  She also works in the hair and beauty sector, running a hair business called ‘Thelma’s Signature’.

Thelma, who lives in Eastleigh, Hampshire also runs a group on Facebook called “Mum’s Island”, which aims to inspire and empower mothers around the world.

“Have your goals, reach for the stars.  You can do whatever you set your heart to do; it’s all in the mind,” she told the students.  

Afterwards, she added: “Procrastination is not your friend.  I had always known what I wanted from my first day I arrived the UK.  I kept pushing myself through all the challenges and I am glad my consistency and perseverance paid off.”