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We would be very pleased for you to advertise any vacancies you have which might be suitable for our students and graduates.

Employ our students and graduates

For full time vacancies

We have a vacancy handling site which you can access here to upload jobs (suitable for our graduates). You will need to register yourself once and can then return to provide details of as many opportunities as you have. If you experience any difficulties, please contact

For part time or temporary vacancies

we are happy to receive information or an advert and will promote the opportunity to our students. Please send it to   

For paid internships

Graduate Advantage is a regional project part-funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), to recruit and retain graduates in the West Midlands.

Internships offer graduates the opportunity to make practical contributions to the work of employers and to further develop their own skills and knowledge.  For employers the scheme offers a simple and easy way to inject fresh talent into their workplace and experience first hand the positive impact employing a graduate can have on their business.

If you are a graduate or employer looking for or to promote graduate internships, please contact Graduate Advantage through, alternatively you can visit for more information

For year long paid placements

A number of our business students complete a year long paid placement in between years 2 and 3 of their degree.

Please note: We reserve the right not to promote unsuitable opportunities.



Benefits of employing graduates

Together Universities and Higher Education Institutions in the UK help approximately 300,000 undergraduate and 100,000 postgraduate students obtain qualifications every year. The development of such highly educated people benefits not only the individuals concerned, but also businesses and the economy more generally. Research with employers has identified the following ten key benefits of employing graduates:

  • Graduates have great enthusiasm and are highly motivated;
  • Graduates can apply their knowledge in original and creative ways;
  • Graduates are enthusiastic learners and become productive at a faster pace;
  • Graduates can more effectively and efficiently adapt to new environments;
  • Graduates are the ideal target for career development and succession planning;
  • Graduates starting their first job arrive with no baggage. They have no pre-conceived ideas about what can and cannot be done;
  • Graduates have the ability to deal with complex issues and solve problems;
  • Graduates are trained in cutting edge technologies and can help firms with both product and process innovation;
  • Graduates can introduce new and fresh ideas, knowledge and techniques to the workplace;
  • Graduates have the ability and experience of working independently and to meeting tight deadlines. 

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