Tom Edmunds-Hill

Tom Edmonds-Hill is is hoping to work in exercise physiology after completing his degree in Sport and Exercise Science Studies BSc (Hons).
Tom Edmonds-Hill

Tom is currently working as a Sport and Exercise Science Assistant at the University of Worcester. He aspires to move into a career in exercise physiology, which is something he has a keen interest in. “Furthermore, I am actively seeking out opportunities and building my knowledge around the area to make the next step in my development as effective as possible,” he added. 

Tom achieved First Class Honours in his degree. “Achieving a First Class Honours draws the curtain on a successful period spent at the University of Worcester and gives me something to hold and be proud of as I move on to new exciting ventures,” he said. 

Tom added: “I chose to study at the University of Worcester not only because of its accessibility and warm introductions but also because of the specific drive the University hold for sport endeavour and inclusion which is something I am very passionate about.”   

Tom saw an impact on his studies when the pandemic struck. “I see myself as an already disciplined individual however the pandemic elevated this, which saw me isolate my concentration to not only my work but also my health,” he said. “I feel as though the beginning of the pandemic and the end of my second year of studying set me up with a clear mindset to achieve going into my third year.” 

In his final year of study, Tom decided to train for a marathon, which he ran in the same week of the deadline for his dissertation. He said: “I felt a sense of expectation on my shoulders that I set myself to complete these goals and for this part of my life only this mattered which took all my dedication. I ran the marathon with my friend raising a total of over £2,400 for my local hospice (Mary Stevens) and Mental Health UK, both of which are significantly important to me. To achieve a first not only in my Dissertation but also my degree was something I can say I am proud of doing, but I also know I can go on to achieve much more.”

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