Natalia Szergejev

Natalia Szergejev was among those to have completed their studies at the University during the pandemic, studying Sports Coaching Science with Disability Sport.

Natalia Szergejev

When asked about about achieving First Class Honours in her university degree, Natalia said “I am very proud,”.


“For months I had been in uncertainty, whether I would achieve First Class Honours or not. I found it extra hard to cope with my own doubts and the bars I had set for myself. When I first got informed about the classification, I was relieved. I am really happy and I think it also boosted my self-esteem.”


It was aspects of her course that first attracted Natalia to Worcester: “I was looking for something unique to study. I was looking for a course that had something more, and I believe that the disability sport part of my course was the one that caught me,” she said.

“Besides, without a background in sport, the University accepted me to study on a sport course. At some institutions, experience in sport was a requirement. Through my studies I always felt that the University of Worcester is very inclusive in many aspects.”

“I found all staff very helpful. With some of them, we communicated through emails, but I have also received help through video chats and calls. The lecturers and tutors always replied in very short times therefore the support was very effective and quick. We mostly discussed feedback on assignments and they gave me advice how to improve my next ones.”

In her final year, Natalia was employed as a support worker, which continued in lockdown. Classified as a key worker, she helped young people with mental health issues and the challenges of lockdown and isolation.

At present Natalia, is taking a year out and learning a new language. Then she plans to continue her university studies and hopes to do research.