Luke Skidmore

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Luke Skidmore achieved First Class Honours in Physical Education BSc (Hons)

“I feel a big sense of relief mixed with a lot of pride to have got a First,” he said. “It was such a great three years at Worcester, I am just so happy to finish it with a First Class degree.”

“When the pandemic hit the content shifted to being delivered online,” he added. “The PE staff team were amazing at adapting their delivery and just being there and supporting us in general. I think the support offered to ensure we finished our degree made it a much more comfortable process! The sad part was not finishing the three years off seeing friends and staff in person though.”

Luke, originally from Birmingham, is now completing his PGCE and teacher training at Exeter University.  He added: “Hopefully this time next year I will be working in a school as a fully qualified teacher. Moving to Devon was a long-term goal and eventually I would love to live and work by the sea.”

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