Lucy Herdman

Lucy Herdman has graduated with a Masters in Sports Coaching after combining her studies with elite sport.

Lucy Herdman

“It felt great to be graduating again, this time for my Masters. It has been a crazy ride with Covid-19 and balancing playing elite netball and completing my MSc Degree in Sports Coaching.”

Lucy completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Worcester in Sports Development Coaching while for the last three years playing for the University’s Superleague netball franchise, Severn Stars, playing at the highest level domestically. She has recently re-signed for the team for another season.

“I had amazing support and experiences throughout, so really it was a no brainer to continue my academic journey at Worcester by undertaking my Masters here,” she said. “Also, being an elite sportsperson, the facilities at Worcester are incredible and were really beneficial for my training.

“It has been a privilege to play in the Superleague and represent Severn Stars whilst at the University of Worcester. To represent the University’s Superleague franchise is definitely something to be proud of, and hopefully it will inspire the new and current University students and netballers.”

Lucy, 26, of St John’s, Worcester, was part of the University’s Sports Scholarship programme, where the University provides, among other things, financial, academic, nutritional and sports performance support as well as a lifestyle advisor. She also played in the University’s netball first team and then became the first team’s coach during the final year of her Masters. “I have been extremely lucky to have exceptionally helpful and supportive lecturers and staff that have always enabled me to get the best out of my time at Worcester and achieve the best results I could, all whilst supporting my elite netball commitments and sporting career,” she added. “The Scholarship programme has helped me balance everything with limited stress and worries, so that I could perform to the best of my ability both in the classroom and on the netball court.”

While completing the first year of her Masters, Lucy was selected in the England Senior squad to compete in the Indoor Netball (Nets) World Cup held in South Africa. She said: “The support of the scholarship staff, lecturers, and tutors meant that I was able to perform well at both, allowing me to achieve academic results to be proud of whilst receiving my first senior international Caps.”

Lucy is currently working as a Sports Coach (Netball Specialist) at a school in Worcester. “My future plans will either be to continue working as a sports coach, or potentially could consist of becoming a PE Teacher,” she said. “I am looking forward to focusing on my career, both on and off the court, post University. My aim and ambition is to play for the England Roses. Having a dual career with my sports coaching job alongside playing elite level sport is challenging, but it is definitely worth every moment.”

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