Andrea Vlckova

Sport Business Management BA (Hons) Graduate


Andrea Vlckova

Andrea Vlckova, an International student from Czech Republic, has achieved a First-Class Honours in Sport Business Management.

“I chose Worcester because of its reputation within the School of Sport and Exercise Science,” said Andrea. “Also, Worcester itself is a pretty small university town and there was a lot of support for the international students. So for me, as a student from Czech Republic studying in the UK for the first time, Worcester was a perfect option.”

“The support from the university and especially from my lecturers was brilliant. They tried to help us whenever they could to make sure that we were not behind in our studies, reading and writing our dissertations, as well as making sure we didn’t struggle mentally.”

Andrea is currently studying for a Master’s in Sport Management, Politics and International Development, alongside working on a sports project she is developing in Greece.

“With the global pandemic it is really hard to plan anything ahead really, especially job-wise,” said Andrea. “You never know what’s going to happen next day nor in a month’s time, therefore I do try to focus on the present, setting goals every day, even if it’s a small thing like making myself a morning coffee, going for a run or studying. I am just focusing on my personal development, which I know will get me closer to achieving my dreams and finding a job where I’d be happy and would be able to make a difference.”

“I’m really proud of myself and what I achieved during the three years at Worcester,” she added. “I remember coming to Worcester in my first year and thinking it would be great to get a First, but at that time, I saw it as impossible and look at me three years later, I did it. I know that I deserved my degree and I combined my studies with part-time work, volunteering and playing sport. I also had fun!

“Getting a First will hopefully open lots of challenging doors for me in the future which I’m so excited about. I’m ready for what the future holds.”