Jade Roleston-Lowe

Jade Roleston-Lowe

Jade achieved First Class Honours in her degree in Criminology BA (Hons) while juggling family life.

“It feels so great to have achieved this goal I set for myself but always doubted whether I could get there,” Jade said. “It still hasn’t sunk in completely, but I feel very proud!” 

Jade, from Pershore, achieved her First Class Honours in Criminology at the University of Worcester and now works in the criminal justice system. 

During her second and third years of study, Jade took a year out to have her third child.  She said: “I was very apprehensive about going back to study after such a break, but I made a good friend and we supported each other through the last year and are still friends now.” 

During the first lockdown Jade said she found balancing study with home schooling tough.    She added: “I am always concerned for my father who is terminally ill and so my drive to complete my degree while he is here to see it was immense.  But the worry for his health and the lost time being able to spend with him made it difficult some days to study.” 

However, Jade said she received support from the University through assignment extensions, video tutorials and email, which she found “very helpful”.  “My dissertation supervisor was amazing!” said Jade.  “She did the biggest thing by believing in me.  She said to me at the start of my third year, you can do this.  And I kept going back to that when I doubted myself.  It was a difficult time and I look back now and can’t believe I actually managed it, but I did!” 

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