Abigail Tittley

Clinical Psychology BSc (Hons) Graduate

Abigail Tittley

Abigail Tittley has achieved a First Class Honours in Clinical Psychology.  She is currently working as a Mental Health Support Worker, "helping people struggling through these difficult times to live as independently as they are able."

Abigail says she would "like to return to education or training to further her career within the mental health field and be able to make significant changes in people’s lives and improve the currently lacking mental health services on offer.” 

Abigail enjoyed her time at University in the City so much that she has decided to stay on and make Worcester her home now that she has finished her degree: “I’ve remained in Worcester to live and work as the city as a whole is so beautiful and welcoming,” she said. “I really felt like I became part of the wider community of Worcester during my time here, not just part of the University culture.” 

“The university as a whole had such a sense of community, where everybody recognised each other in some sense and were so friendly, it just gave the whole campus a positive vibe,” she said. 

“When it came to my course, the lecturers at the University of Worcester were so obviously passionate about their job, both in terms of the content they covered and in regards to helping students become the future of psychology, which was something I found sorely lacking at other universities.”