Rosanna Green

Rosanna Green juggled motherhood and a full-time career to complete her LLB Law degree.
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She said she had felt as though her dream of a career in law would remain just that, an unattainable dream. But on turning 30,  decided it was now or never to pursue her ambitions. 

Giving up her job, she enrolled on the Law degree at the University of Worcester, and is on the way to her goal of becoming a family law solicitor as she graduates with a First Class Honours degree. 

“My aspirations of being awarded a degree have spanned many years; however, as a single mother with a career I always felt as though it was an unattainable dream,” she said. “I can’t pinpoint exactly when I made the decision that it was the career for me. I realised when I turned 30 that if I didn’t do it now, I would never do it. I truly want to carve my own path and succeed because of my hard work and dedication. Which is why I have made life more difficult for myself in the short-term, in order to work until retirement doing something which has meaning to me and from which I take pride.”  

Rosanna had studied law at A-level, but a legal career wasn’t something that she could imagine doing at that point in her life. Prior to starting university, Rosanna had worked as a Sales and Marketing Executive for A K Industries Ltd, a family-owned thermoplastics technical injection moulding company in Hereford. She walked away from this role to concentrate solely on the degree, with assistance from a student maintenance and tuition loan.  

“The reason that I decided to study law in 2018 and aspire to be a solicitor is because I think I will love it and I know that I will be good at it,” she said. “It was a culmination of awareness of the legal practice as a result of my position in the company and conversations with friends who are barristers. Working in the manufacturing industry has given me highly polished customer-facing skills, commercial knowledge, and confidence which is only attainable through age and experience. I am, personally and not necessarily practically, at the best point in my life to be embarking on this journey.” 

“The Law degree is a relatively new course at the University and, after much reading, I decided it was perfect for me. It’s small enough that you really get the personal experience from your tutors, but with such fantastic facilities; the mock court room is especially impressive.” 

Rosanna juggled motherhood alongside her degree, which became more difficult when the pandemic hit, but said she was proud to have set that example of a hard work ethic to her daughter. 

“From the outset I decided that I would treat being an undergraduate student exactly like having a full-time job,” she said. “In reality, it was more like a full-time job where you have to do overtime in the evenings and at the weekends. Myself and my daughter have both had to make sacrifices in order for me to achieve my degree, but it has absolutely been worth it. When Covid happened, it was even more challenging. There were many, many nights where I was burning the midnight oil in order to catch-up, having spent hours trying to figure out seemingly impossible Year 6 maths homework.”  

She has now started her combined Legal Practice Course and LLM Master of Laws. 

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