Education leadership and learning

To create a stronger, more efficient and more successful education system requires great leaders.

Having an effective pipeline of talented and skilled school leaders is critical to the success of a self-improving school system.

We strive to support schools and academy chains to build professional capacity and develop leadership talent at all levels of the education system.

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About Us

The aim of our Education Leadership and Learning team is to improve the quality of leadership and management in schools. We recognise that this is key to transforming pupil outcomes. We strive to support schools and academy chains to develop professional leadership talent at all levels of the education system.

Since 2012, we have helped school leaders to develop systems leadership by facilitating the growth of effective collaboration and collegial problem-solving. By connecting leaders to build support and collaborate effectively, we encourage a shared sense of purpose and high levels of trust that strengthen individual and collective capacity.

Our partnerships

Schools working with us follow a programme informed by the latest national and international research. Through expert facilitation and a focus on securing self-sufficiency within the group, this approach establishes school led school effectiveness and builds capacity within the system.

The neutrality and impartiality that our Facilitators bring to the programme creates a space for honesty and openness that allows participants to take personal risks and push boundaries. Our team of professionals have extensive experience in delivering coaching, mentoring and facilitation, and will guide participants towards personal and organisational goals.

School effectiveness

Our aims

  • Work alongside schools, academies, MATs and other settings in each phase
  • Build professional capacity
  • Develop leadership talent across the education system
  • Partner with self-improving, self-sustaining school networks

What do we do?

  • Support the growth of clusters of professionals with a shared sense of purpose and trust
  • Embed collegiate problem-solving and problem-based learning
  • Facilitate learning conversations through stimuli such as think-pieces
  • Elicit shared experiences and expertise
  • Strengthen individual and collective capacity
  • Facilitate networks, create links and connections

Our principles

  • Research-informed interactions support joint practice development and the process of change
  • Expert facilitation is central for clusters alongside coaching and mentoring to respond to emerging individual needs
  • Emphasis on a culture of trust, honesty and openness
  • Leveraging peer knowledge and expertise balanced with securing self-sufficient networks
  • Maintaining our neutrality whilst recognising regulatory and accountability frameworks

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