Dementia Action Alliance


The Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) is the coming together of hundreds of organisations to deliver the National Dementia Declaration, a common set of outcomes informed by people with dementia and their family carers.
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  • We have the right to be recognised as who we are, to make choices about our lives including taking risks, and to contribute to society. Our diagnosis should not define us, nor should we be ashamed of it.
  • We have the right to continue with day-to-day and family life without discrimination or unfair cost, to be accepted and included in our communities and not live in isolation or loneliness.
  • We have the right to an early and accurate diagnosis, and to receive evidence based, appropriate, compassionate and properly funded care and treatment, from trained people who understand us and how dementia affects us. This must meet our needs, wherever we live.
  • We have the right to be respected, and recognised as partners in care, provided with education, support, services, and training which enables us to plan and make decisions about the future.
  • We have the right to know about and decide if we want to be involved in research that looks at cause, cure and care for dementia and be supported to take part.

The Declaration provides an ambitious and achievable vision of how people with dementia and their families can be supported by society to live well with the condition. DAA members work towards delivering this vision through committing to actions within their organisation and undertaking joint programmes of work.

The Association for Dementia Studies is a founder member of the DAA and our Director, Professor Dawn Brooker, is the elected research representative on its National Board. A copy of the ADS action plan along with those of its other member organisations can be found on the DAA website.

The DAA website also gives details of the latest DAA news and the DAA Webinar Programme and other events.