Continuing research in related fields

We are delighted to report that several of the TAnDem DTC students have now continued into employment in dementia or related research fields. In 2019 Emma Broome was employed as AQUEDUCT Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham. This project aims to support high quality and effective dementia care using crisis teams. Becky Dowson is a Research Associate working on the PRESIDE study at the University of Nottingham investigating the feasibility and benefits of singing groups for people with dementia (2019 - present).

Karen Gray has held several positions, including one as Research Assistant (Systematic Reviews) at Brunel University, London (2018 -2019) where she has been part of team gathering evidence around the use of participatory arts interventions and the alleviation of loneliness. Both Karen Gray and Ruby Swift have worked as Research Associates with the Association for Dementia Studies to develop the TAnDem research legacy (2019-2020).

Two creative arts and sensory activity resources have also been compiled by the TAnDem students, and are freely available to use:

TAnDem Legacy Roundtable Event

In December 2019, the TAnDem PhD students held a roundtable event, The Arts and Dementia: Shaping the Future, at The Hive in Worcester. The aim of the event was to develop understanding of how the TAnDem research could impact on practice, education, and training in the arts, care, research, and education sectors. As a result of the event, a report has been published that makes recommendations for taking the TAnDem research legacy forward through practice and further research. A summary report is also available.

TAnDem Event

(Professors Dawn Brooker (L) and Tracey Williamson (R) with TAnDem PhD students Becky Dowson, Ruby Swift and Karen Gray at the Roundtable event)