Ruby Merrell

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Ruby Merrell achieved First Class Honours in Child and Adolescent Mental Health BSc (Hons)

“Being able to say I have achieved a First Class Honours Degree still makes me beam from ear to ear,” said the 27-year-old.  “I can’t quite believe it is mine, but it is definitely one of my proudest achievements alongside having my little boy!”

She added: “Studying and working in the pandemic was tough and at times exhausting but knowing I would one day be able to say I have completed my degree and completed it during a pandemic was always the end goal.  It’s been a busy busy year with highs and lows but looking back I am incredibly proud of myself!”

Ruby, of Worcester, had been working in the local Perinatal Mental Health Team as a peer support worker and since finishing her degree has secured a job in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services.

Prior to her studies at Worcester, Ruby attended another university to have the experience of living away from home, but then met her husband and returned to living and working in Worcester, subsequently having her son.  She left her degree due to ill health, but, once she felt ready to complete it, she looked to the University of Worcester.  “I knew Worcester had a great reputation – especially for healthcare and so Worcester was the goal,” she said.  “When I attended the Open Day in 2019 I was really impressed after having visited it back in 2012, it had got better and better so it was great choice for me.”