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A guide to budgeting

Managing your money is one of the most important things you will learn as a student

Knowing that your finances are under control will allow you to relax and enjoy your time at Worcester.

For UK students, your student loanscholarship or part-time job will support you while you are at university.

You can use the Uni Aid calculator to help build your budget.

Here are a few things you should consider:


  • Books – you won’t need to buy all the books on your reading list, just the core texts. Remember the Library has an excellent collection of books.
  • Vital equipment and materials - the University has excellent facilities, computer access for all students and your academic lecturers will let you know of the best place to buy any extra equipment.
  • Attending compulsory field trips or placements – you might have to pay for transport and/or accommodation.  


  • Rent – Many first year students choose to live in halls of residence. For more information about living in Halls and private accommodation costs, visit our Accommodation section.
  • Deposit - if you are in privately rented accommodation, you will probably need to pay a deposit. This is usually about the same amount as a month's rent, and will be returned to you at the end of your stay. Your landlord can deduct money from your deposit if there is damage to the property, unpaid rent, etc.
  • Bills - if you are in privately rented accommodation, you will need to pay towards utility bills (electricity, gas, telephone, etc - around £10-15 per week). You won’t have to pay council tax as long as everyone in your house is a student.
  • Don’t forget your mobile phone bill too!
  • Food – everyone’s got to eat and drink. It depends on what you buy, but budget for about £25 per week.  
  • Clothes – Remember you can use your NUS Extra card to get discounts throughout the city’s shopping centres.
  • Socialising – there are lots of clubs and societies that you can join at the Students' Union and there are many student nights at the University and at various venues in the city.