Guide for New Managers

Guide for New Managers

This is a brief guide to the University's policies and procedures that, as a manager, you need to be aware of. You will find lots more information  and policies under the Personnel Department's "Information for Staff" webpages in particular.

We thought it would be helpful for you if we grouped policies in terms of the life-cycle of a member of staff.

Recruiting a new member of staff:
You need to be aware of the University's salary and grading structures and Recruitment & Selection policy. Before you can take part in a interviews (of staff or students) you must attend a Recruitment & Selection workshop to familiarise yourself with our procedures. Dates for workshops will appear on our training website. You should be aware of Health & Safety requirements.

Before/as soon as your new member of staff starts:
The University's induction procedures and policy regarding probation and mentors will help you to settle your new employee in quickly.

During employment:
You are expected to undertake and/or organise Review & Development meetings with your staff. The policy documents can be found here and you will also have to attend an Appraisal Workshop.

Employees may have queries regarding maternity/paternity leave or have a problem with perceived bullying.

Problems may arise where you need to refer to grievance, improving performance or sickness procedures.

When your employee leaves:
Details of our resignation and retirement procedures are on line