Health & Safety

Health & Safety

Welcome to the University of Worcester Health & Safety Web Page

The office is responsible for monitoring and advising on health and safety across the University.

Health and safety is about ensuring that people at work do not suffer injury or ill-health as a result of their normal work activities. It looks at ways of ensuring that hazards are adequately controlled.

Each Institute/Department is responsible for identifying the hazards in their workplace and controlling the risks of injury and ill health to a low and acceptable level.

Risk assessment is a fundamental process that underpins all health and safety management and should be integral part of all Institutes/Departments activities. Further details on the risk assessment process can be found by follwing the link on the left.

The University is a member of the University Safety and Health Association. The association exists to promote Safety and Occupational Health in Higher Education sector and to represent University safety issues to the HSE, HEFCE, UCEA and other bodies.

The Health & Safety Executive  provide an excellent range of guidance documents (many free) covering many of the issues that you may encounter. 

Relevant documents can be accessed at;

O:\All Staff Documents\Personnel\Health & Safety Committee & Information

Whilst you may not find a solution to you problem here, hopefully you will obtain some general information and raise your awareness of Health & Safety.


For further advice on occupational health and sickness absence please email

For further advice regarding safety please contact Andy Lucas on