Staff Development

Staff Development

To book any staff development workshops please use the staff portal to log into your staff page and book events through the Staff Development Workshops link (under 'Your Online Services'). If there are needs that are not currently met by these programmes, just add them to the Wish List tab on the system or contact We are happy to work with teams and/or individuals to provide training specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Management Development Workshops
Appraisal, Initiating & Managing Change, Recruitment & Selection, Project Management, Mentoring, Process Management and Time Management... 

Personal & Career Development Workshops
Time Management, Meeting Skills, Mentoring, Minute-Writing, Assertive Communication skills, Getting the Most from your Appraisal ...

Using Technology Workshops in Windows
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, File Management, Using databases ....

On-line modules - Diversity, Health & Safety, Recruitment & Selection, & Data Protection 

Our online training modules aim to provide you with practical guidance on various processes within the University. The programmes set out the standards that the University expects of its staff. Modules use a range of methods to support your understanding, including quizzes, case studies, reflection points, web links and a final assessment quiz. They take around an hour to complete and should be done within work time. If you can’t finish a module in one sitting, use the bookmark facility to allow you to mark your place for when you next log on to the module. 

To access simply go to

Then sign in as follows: Email - please use your University of Worcester e-mail address 

Password - all staff have “password” as the default password and the first time you log onto the system you will be encouraged to select Password from the menu bar and change your password to something more memorable to you.

If you are not a registered user, you can register yourself as a new user, then use the login procedure above.

The University has taken rigorous steps to ensure that all details are held safely and securely and that the process complies with Data Protection legislation.