Welcome to the University of Worcester from Professor David Green, Vice Chancellor and Chief Executive

I am delighted to welcome you to the University of Worcester at this exciting time in our development. As part of our ongoing commitment to our staff, we offer all our staff a range of induction, training and development opportunities both on a University-wide and departmental/Institute basis. I hope you will take advantage of these throughout your time with us. We recognise that not everyone has the same development needs or will learn in the same way at the same pace, so your manager will review your progress regularly to make sure that you are learning about the organisation and your new job in manageable stages.

Everyone at the University  has been a newcomer at some stage, so we appreciate that you may be wondering how we are going to help you settle in here over the next few weeks and months.This is a busy organisation and it is in everyone's interests to have you up and running as soon as possible. On your first day you will have a mini-induction session with representatives of your own department. Your Head of Department/Manager will guide and support you through the induction process ( see the link in the left-hand box called "Departmental Induction). He/she will also arrange for you to have a mentor for at least the first year you are with us. In addition we hold a university-wide Staff Induction programme three times a year. These allow you the opportunity to meet people outside your own department and to get an insight into the bigger picture of the university's plans and operations.

2017/18 STAFF INDUCTION PROGRAMMES (all approx. 0845 - 1300)

Tuesday 12th September 2017 - University Induction

Wednesday 13th September 2017 - Teaching, Research and Student Experience Induction

Tuesday 16th January 2018 - University Induction
Wednesday 17th January - Teaching, Research and Student Experience Induction

Tuesday 8th May - University Induction
Wednesday 9th May -Teaching ,Research and Student Experience Induction

Staff Induction Programme

The induction webpages aim to provide a useful site which will bring together some of the information you will need as a new member of staff.

Through these measures we hope to convey to you what we are trying to achieve, how we work, what we offer our staff, and what values and standards we ask our employees to subscribe to. We also aim to create the conditions that justify your developing a commitment to us and ensure that you are able to work to your fullest potential. I hope that you will be glad to have chosen us to work with us and wish you every success in your new job.