Accidents, Incidents & First Aid

Accidents, Incidents & First Aid

Any Accident or Dangerous Occurrence must be reported using the report form below which should be returned without delay to the Health & Safety Coordinator. All reports are investigated and any necessary remedial action taken.

Accident or Dangerous Occurence Report Form

University of Worcester recognises its duties to provide adequate first aid facilities for its staff and will also ensure that these arrangements take into consideration other people for whom the University has legal or moral responsibilities.

Summoning First Aid Assistance
The quickest way to get assistance is by dialling 5495 (Main Control Room), this will put you in contact with reception who can contact a qualified member of staff.

First Aid Treatment & Recording Treatment

First aid treatment must only be provided by staff who are fully qualified First Aiders, holding a current first aid certificate. Any treatment provided must be strictly in accordance with the training given.First Aiders must keep a record of all treatments in respect of injury or ill health given as a result of an accident at work, the University’s accident reporting procedure must also be followed.