Manual Handling

A two-hour course for staff involved with lifting, moving, carrying of loads. The first part of the course covers the theory, assessment and basics of lifting. The second part is workplace based/orientated using loads that the trainees would regularly be expected to handle.

Health & Safety Awareness

A 45-minute general session covering the basics in Health & Safety – Fire, Risk Assessment, Working at Height, Workstations, Accidents, Slips & Trips.

Working at Height

A 1½hr session for those who regularly use steps and ladders in their work environment. Covering the Working at Height Regulations 2005, the session looks at managing the risks and selecting the right equipment, and is illustrated with good (and bad) practice.

Risk Assessment

There are two Risk Assessment sessions.

  1. A three-hour introduction to risk assessment covering the legal aspects, hazards, evaluating risks and a practical risk assessment exercise
  2. A 45 minute refresher/update session for those who have already attended the full course.

Fire Safety

A 45 minute session that outlines the causes, prevention and other issues regarding fire safety.

For further details please contact

Colin Fry  Health & Safety Co-ordinator