Individual Student Timetables

Individual Student Timetables

What do the Building Codes mean?    

Code Building Campus
BB Bredon Building St John's Campus
BY Binyon Building St John's Campus
CC Conference Centre St John's Campus
CD Charles Darwin St John's Campus
CH Charles Hastings City Campus
EC Lakeside Lakeside
EE Edward Elgar St John's Campus
HB Hines Building St John's Campus
JL Jenny Lind City Campus
MH Mulberry House City Campus
PN Peirson St John's Campus
RB Riverside Building Severn Campus
SC Sports Centre St John's Campus
SS Shelia Scott St John's Campus
TG The Garage Severn Campus
TT Thomas Telford St John's Campus
UA University Arena Severn Campus
WB Woodbury Building St John's Campus

Some timetabled activities are taught at Partner Colleges – Building key shown below.

Code Building Campus
BIRMINGHAM Birmingham Off-site
HERE-LUD Hereford and Ludlow Off-site


Where can I see my timetable?

This can be accessed through your SOLE page, via the View timetable link.  Please note that your timetable is subject to change, though we will try and keep these to a minimum. 

What will it display on opening?

Your timetable will initially show the current week (w/c Sunday 30th July 2017). To see your timetabled modules please use the calendar icon or the left and right arrows to navigate to the first week of semester 1 teaching (w/c Sunday 24th September 2017).

Do I need to read the information on the Help link (on the left of the screen)?

Please take a few minutes to read this. It provides you with useful information, which includes:

  • how changes to your timetable will be reflected.
  • how you can receive email notifications of in week changes to your timetabled modules
  • building key and links to campus maps which will help familiarise you with where you need to go for your timetabled modules.

Is my timetable complete?

Your timetable is as complete as possible.

However, if you haven’t selected all of your modules as yet; these will not appear in your timetable; so your timetable will be incomplete.

Please do not worry.  Once you have completed your module selections your timetable will be updated to show the timetabled activities for these new modules.

Similarly, if you have selected all of your modules but have now decided that you would like to see if you can move to a different module and have made a request via the Module Change Request on your SOLE page (or met with a Programme Adviser), this change may also not initially appear on your timetable until the change has been transferred into your timetable.

What if I want to move to a different seminar or practical activities?

If you want to keep your module choices but need to change your activity on a particular module (e.g. seminar or practical), then you must discuss this request with your module tutor who will notify timetabling of any changes that are agreed.

Where do I go to if I have any queries?

Initially please contact Firstpoint if you have any queries relating to your timetable.