Late Submission of Coursework

Late Submission of Coursework

The arrangements for the late submission of work were changed from the start of the 2010/11 academic year. If you are unable to submit your assessment by the set deadline the arrangements are as follows: click here.  In summary, all coursework must be submitted by the 3pm deadline. Work submitted within 24 hours of the deadline will no longer be considered on time and will therefore be considered a late submission and the grade will be capped at the minimum pass grade.

Assessments marked on a pass/fail basis or for reassessment (where the work is capped at the minimum pass grade mark of D- for undergraduates or 50% for postgraduates) will be considered late – and not marked – if submitted after the deadline.

Assignments submitted late should be handed in to the normal collection point unless it is the weekend where they should be handed in to reception in the main building.

If you choose to post your assignment you should do so by recorded or special delivery.  You should always keep a copy of your work regardless of how you submit it.

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