Late Submission of Coursework

Late Submission of Coursework

If you are unable to submit your assessment by the set deadline the arrangements are as follows.   



  • Assessments submitted up to five days late will be capped at the minimum pass mark and the grade will be recorded as L1 [8].       
  • Assessments submitted over five days late will have their grade recorded as L2 and their mark as [0].  Re-assessment may be required.    


  • Reassessments submitted after the deadline [where the work is capped at the minimum pass mark] will be considered late and the grade of L2 [0] will be recorded if it is submitted after the re-submission deadline.  This will be considered a fail grade.   

Submission of Work

  • You should submit your work via the usual route explained in your module guide.       
  • If you choose to post your assignment, you should do so by recorded or special delivery and use the full address for that campus.             
  • You should always keep a copy of your work regardless of how you submit it.

Mitigating Circumstances

It is possible to submit your work up to 14 days late without a L1 or L2 penalty being applied if you have mitigating circumstances as defined by the Procedures below.

‘Mitigating Circumstances are significant changes in a student’s circumstances that are outside the control of the student which are acute, severe and unforeseen and that occur immediately before or during the assessment period, and which the student believes have adversely affected his/her academic performance’ [Extract from Mitigating Circumstances Procedures]

Please see your Student Handbook and your SOLE page for details.