Timetable Preparation Schedule

Timetable Preparation Schedule

 Timetable Preparation Schedule

   Overview of the Annual University



  • Timetable reps, Course and Module leaders to review and update modules and DIETS for 16-17 module selection.



  • Timetable reps continue to update module and DIET information for 16-17.
  • End of November-deadline for updating module and DIET information.
  • End of November-commence review of submitted SITS module data and DIETS.



  • Complete review of SITS module data and DIETS for 16-17.
  • Module and DIET data imported into Scientia.
  • Online data templates to be issued to departments to support data entry.




  • Timetable reps continue to enter timetable information on templates.
  • Student records to commence setting up L4 student pathways.
  • End of January-L5 and L6 module selections commence.



  • Beginning of February-deadline for submission of 16-17 data templates from departments.
  • Beginning of February-Closing date for L5 and L6 module selections.
  • Timetabling commence timetable data entry and verification.  



  • Beginning of March-Continuation of timetable data entry and verification.
  • Import L5 and L6 module selections.
  • Planned event forms are issued to departments.



  • Beginning of April-continuation of timetable data entry and verification.
  • Beginning of April-Deadline for completion of data inputting.
  • Timetabling commence timetable scheduling.
  • End of April-Deadline for receipt of student induction requests from Student Services.



  • Continuation of Timetable scheduling.
  • End of May-publication of first draft timetable (with timetable slots and specialist facilities and un-roomed only)
  • End of May-Departments to start reviewing timetables.


  • Beginning of June-Deadline for receipt of Planned Events for 16-17.
  • Request from Disability Coordinator for supplementary details of 2nd and 3rd year students with specific room requirements.
  • Timetabling commence changes and adjustments from departments due to timetable review.
  • End of June-Timetabling process student induction request queries.


  • Timetabling to confirm 2016-17 timetable.
  • Finalized L5 and L6 timetables will be available on SOLE but with no room allocations.
  • Open L5 and L6 change requests.
  • Timetabling to export L4 options into SITS.
  • Timetabling to continue to process changes and adjustments for 16-17.
  • Timetabling to commence inputting of Planned Events.
  • Timetabling to issue finalized  student induction data to Student Services.


  • Timetabling to continue processing changes and adjustments for 16-17.
  • Timetabling to continue the inputting of Planned Events.
  • Beginning of August-Timetabling to issue finalized Non-UG timetables for Semester 1.
  • Mid-August-Issue planned Events to Departments and Services.
  • Submission of supplementary details of 2nd and 3rd year students with specific room requirements.
  • End of August- WRB dataset released to users to commence WRB requests for 16-17.


  • Timetabling to continue to process changes and adjustments for 16-17.
  • Mid-September-Latest date for publication of finalized UG semester 1 timetables on SOLE (with rooms).


 The Current 2016-17 Annual Timetable Preparation Schedule can be found here.

All Institutes have a nominated timetable representative who is the first point of contact throughout the academic year. All timetable admendments should be emailed to timetabling@worc.ac.uk and copied to your Institute timetable representative and nominated Student Records contact.

A list of Institute representatives can be found on the link under the contacts webpage.

Student Led Timetabling

In December 2013, University Executive approved a paper that would fundamentally change the approach to developing the University Timetable. This will take effect from 2016-17 academic year. The paper focussed on three key areas.

  • To agree the prioritisation of timetabling.
  • To agree the detailed principles that should underpin the approaches to timetabling.
  • To agree to move towards a demand-led approach to timetabling.

The complete paper together with appendices can be found here.

Both timetabling staff, student records and institute timetable representatives are currently working together to set in place new business processes to ensure that this key institutional strategic development is implemented successfully.                    

University Timetabling Principles            

In February 2017 the University Executive approved a revised and updated version of the University Timetabling Principles. These can be seen here.

Due to software reasons it is necessary to use week numbers, rather than dates, in online and printed timetable reports. These should be referred to in order to aid booking or timetabling requests or enquiries. The links below provide access to our timetabling calendars.