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Improving English Usage and Style in Academic Writing (non-native speakers) (LANG1003)

This module focuses on developing a suitably academic writing style and giving effective presentations. The overall aim of the module is to help you gain a better grade in your course modules.

Key features:

  • Focus on developing academic communication skills
  • Helps to improve your grades in your main course modules
  • Small, interactive classes
  • Can be taken as a 15-credit optional module at level 4
Entry requirements

Prior learning

There are no entry requirements for this module. You cannot take this module in combination with LANG1002: Improving English Usage and Style in Academic Writing (native speakers).

Module content


You will be introduced to key grammatical knowledge and terminology and correct use of punctuation. The various stages of the academic writing process, including task analysis, planning, structure, referencing and proofreading will be covered. In addition, you will be encouraged to develop your critical thinking skills. The module is assessed via an essay, a presentation and a piece of reflective writing, as these forms of assessment feature across all disciplines.


Academic essay (60%): A short essay demonstrating the main features of academic style and citation skills.

Presentation (20%): A 10-minute pair presentation followed by a short Q & A session. The oral presentations will be recorded on camera and the recordings will be uploaded onto Blackboard for students to view back.

Reflective writing (20%): A reflective analysis of the course and the assessments with a focus on the transferable skills acquired and any impact on future employability.

How to enrol

Joining LANG1003

If you're an undergraduate student at Worcester, log in to the Student Portal, select SOLE and Course Information. From here, navigate to Module Information and Module Directory. If you click on Module Directory, you should see the following options:

Module directory: type LANG into the Module Code box for an overview of all Language Centre modules

Select modules: provided you haven't already chosen the maximum number of modules you can take and that you are eligible to take a 15-credit module at level 4, the LANG modules should be displayed as options.

Module change request: if you have already selected the maximum number of modules, but you'd like to swap one of your selections for LANG1003, follow the instructions given here.