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Student expectations

Most students, no matter their age, find that they need some academic assistance and guidance at some point during their studies. To get the most of the personal academic tutoring scheme, as a student, you are expected to:

• Attend scheduled personal academic tutoring sessions
• Prepare for personal academic tutoring sessions as guided by your tutor
• Take responsibility for your learning through reflecting on your progress and responding to advice and guidance from your Personal Academic Tutor
• Take the initiative in contacting your Personal Academic Tutor in relation to problems or if in need of advice outside the normal schedule of meetings
• Keep a record of learning from meetings with your Personal Academic Tutor
• Ensure your personal details on the SOLE page are current and correct.

Your Personal Academic Tutor will write your University reference, so it is also useful to discuss your career intentions, ambitions and work experience with him/her throughout your studies. Many employability skills are developed through extra-curricular activity while at University and it is also helpful to discuss this with your Personal Academic Tutor. The better informed you keep your Personal Academic Tutor of your development, the more able your tutor will be to provide you with an effective reference.

Our Personal Academic Tutoring Scheme will help you to become a successful member of the University community and make the transition into higher education.