The University of Worcester makes unconditional offers to high achieving applicants who are able to demonstrate excellent previous academic performance along with high predicted grades and evidence that they will excel in their chosen degree programme.

By making unconditional offers we hope to alleviate some of the pressure you may experience when applying to university, allowing you to focus on your current academic studies and achieve grades that you can be proud of forever.

It is essential that you continue to excel in your exams. Many apprenticeships, graduate schemes and employers assess your achievements in all of your qualifications, including a degree classification, before making a decision to employ you.

How do you choose which applicants will receive an unconditional offer?

All applications are carefully reviewed by our experienced Admissions Tutors  who carefully consider your whole application form, including your personal statement and academic reference and make a decision on the basis of that evidence. For some degree courses, an interview or portfolio review will form part of the assessment.

How do I accept the offer?

Your initial offer for the programme will be ‘conditional’. Once you choose the University of Worcester as your firm choice through UCAS, your unconditional offer will then be activated by the University. By accepting our offer this means that you are committing yourself to the University of Worcester and declining all other choices with UCAS.

Is there a deadline for accepting the offer?

The deadline for UCAS applicants to accept our offer is the same as the deadlines set by UCAS, which can be found on the UCAS website.


Get in touch with our Admissions team on or 01905 855111 for further information.

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