Getting Assessed for a Specific Learning Difference Like Dyslexia / Dyspraxia

Getting Assessed for a Specific Learning Difference Like Dyslexia / Dyspraxia

I think I could have a specific learning difference, such as dyslexia. How do I find out?

1) Log on to a University computer at St John’s, City or Riverside Campus and take a FREE screening called LADS (this cannot be accessed remotely).  Find instructions on the SOLE page or ask for them at the firstpoint in St John’s Peirson Study and Guidance Centre.  If you feel you might be affected by the outcome of the LADS test please complete it during the standard working day when support will be available if needed. NOTE: if you have difficulty with numbers, not literacy, please come and see us about screening for dyscalculia instead of doing LADS        

2) Print out the LADS results and (whatever they say) take them to firstpoint in the Peirson Centre where you can get further advice and/or book your screening with a tutor.        

3) Attend the tutor screening and at the end find out if they recommend a full assessment.        

4) Attend a full 3 hour assessment if a screener recommends it.  You are only asked to attend this if there are enough indicators of a specific learning difference from the screening.        

Frequently Asked Questions:          

Q - Do I have to pay for screenings and assessments? You are asked to contribute towards the full cost but the university will fund most of the amount with the Access to Learning Fund.  It will cost you £20 for the tutor screening and £30 for the long assessment.  Help can sometimes be given if this is unaffordable so please ask.  Note – the LADS screening is free.   

Q What happens if I can’t attend an appointment?    If you have to cancel you must let DDS know 24 hours before. If you don’t give us reasonable notice we have to charge you £20 for the missed screening appointment and £30 for a missed assessment appointment.   

Q What happens during the screenings and assessments?    You will be asked to carry out reading and writing tasks. Tutors will also talk to you about your education and early development.  Bring glasses if you use them.   

Q What happens if I do have a specific learning difference?    You’ll be told about all the support available.   

Q What happens if I do NOT have a specific learning difference?    Other support or assessments will be recommended.   

Q Are the assessments confidential?    Yes and we will only share information with your permission in order to arrange support.    

Disability & Dyslexia Service, University of Worcester,  Henwick Grove,  WR2 6AJ Tel – firstpoint 01905 542 551  E-mail