Managing Different Staff Groups

Managing Different Staff Groups

The University of Worcester uses different contract and employment arrangements in order to meet its goals and function day to day. This guidance introduces the different types of employees and self-employed individuals you may use, and provides brief guidance around the appointment and management of each.

Fixed-Term Employees

Where there is a specific and time-limited need for a piece of work to be completed, it may be appropriate to employ on a Fixed Term Contract (FTC). These contracts are used where there is a justifiable need to appoint on a fixed basis such as:

  • To complete a specific project
  • To teach on a course where funding is time-limited
  • To cover the absence of a colleague on Maternity Leave or Study Leave or similar.

Fixed-Term Employees are entitled to the same working conditions as permanent employees, unless there is an objective reason to do so.

Fixed-Term Employees similarly acquire service-related employment rights, which the University will take into account in their management.

Hourly-Paid Lecturers (HPLS)

Where there is a demand to teach a specific module on a course that does not justify the creation of a full Lecturer role, or where there is a need to cover the absence of colleagues, it may be appropriate to appoint a lecturer to the role on an hourly-paid basis. HPLs are employees of the University and treated as Fixed-Term workers. They are likely to be part-time employees as well, and recognised as such.

Visiting Lecturers  

Where there is a need to deliver a single guest lecturer or demonstration, then it may be appropriate to use a Visiting Lecturer. This individual will not become an employee of the University.

Associate Staff

Where an individual requires a University email, system access or the use of facilities but will not be employed by the University or be paid, then they can be appointed as an Associate Member of staff.