Accommodation Costs

Accommodation Costs


Student Finance and Paying for Accommodation


Students’ accommodation on campus

Many first year students choose to live in halls of residence (click link to left of this page "Living in Halls" for more information). Prices for 2018/19 range from £98 to £159 per week. Most students pay for 39 weeks but those taking longer courses, such as nursing or teaching, pay for the length of the course.

The charges for accommodation include, gas, electricity, water, free internet access, contents insurance and gym membership. All of the prices listed are for self-catered accommodation. 

A damage deposit of £300 will be required in advance and you will be able to pay your accommodation fees in six instalments from October to March or three instalments in October, January and April.

If you have any queries about making payments you should contact the University’s Finance Office by emailing             


University Managed House

In addition to halls accommodation, the University also manages a small number of student shared properties close by. These all offer a good standard of accommodation at a competitive price. Free gym membership and contents insurance is also included in the cost of your rent.

(click link to left of this page "Living in a University Managed House" for more information)


Private Rented Accommodation

If you move to privately rented accommodation in your second year, you can expect to pay an average of £80-£120 per week for a room in a shared house, plus bills. As a student off campus you still have access to the same facilities as students living on campus, including the support of the Accommodation Team and Student Experience Team to help you with any queries that might arise.

Please remember agreement lengths, deposit amounts and arrangements for paying bills vary from property to property. Take advice from the Accommodation Team if you are unsure about any of these important details.


Your deposit will usually be equivalent to one month’s rent, and £200-£300 is usually payable at the same time, to retain your room during the summer.  You will need to pay both the deposit and your first month’s rent in advance of moving into the property. REMEMBER TO PUT MONEY ASIDE EARLY FOR THESE COSTS. The deposit is there to cover any damage you might do to the property, and landlords must protect it using the Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme (see ). If everything is OK when you move out, you will receive the whole deposit back. However, your landlord can deduct money from your deposit if there is damage to the property, unpaid rent, etc. It is therefore a good idea at the beginning of your tenancy to make a photographic record of the condition of your accommodation and then at the end, to prove the condition in which you left it.

Agency fees

If you are renting through an estate agent, they might also charge you an administration fee when you move in. This can be anything from £80-200, so make sure you check with the agency so that you can put it in your budget.


Full details and more information about off campus properties can be found by visiting  You need a password to access the site, which is available from the Accommodation office. Housing lists are available each year from the beginning of February. 


If you have any questions about accommodation, please call 01905 855300 / 01905 855137 or email