We currently offer five modern foreign languages through our range of for-credit modules.

Foreign language learning

Many flags from different countries flying against a bright blue sky

Why study a modern foreign language?

  • Increase your employability in the UK and other countries
  • Open your mind to other cultures
  • Improve your opportunities for studying abroad

Our modern foreign language modules 

Our French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese modules are taught for three hours per week over twelve weeks. Each module is worth 15 credits towards your year's work at level 4, and you can take more than one module in a year, or mix one language module with another worth 15 credits from another discipline. Emphasis is on communication, with lots of oral work. Although it can be demanding to learn a new language from scratch, students generally find the modules very enjoyable and rewarding.

Opportunities abroad

The University of Worcester has partner institutions around the world, where students can study for a semester or a year as part of their course. Studying abroad allows you to practise your new language skills in day-to-day life, with long-term benefits for your employability and personal development.