Messages of support and congratulations to Class of 2020 Graduates from University of Worcester Fellows and Honorary degree recipients. 

Lord Mervyn King | Honorary Graduate

The future is yours, however uncertain it may seem.  Embrace that uncertainty – it is the spice of life.  

Roger Murray | Fellow

The Graduation Ceremony can be quite an emotional affair for students and for parents. I too find them emotional because I'm all to aware how hard everyone in our fantastic university have worked to bring us once again to this wonderful point in our students lives. This year is no exception since it has been an especially testing time for you to navigate new learning regimes.

Very well done to each and everyone of you. It goes without saying how proud I am of my Uni but this year I have been overwhelmed with pride for our nursing students and others who have helped the NHS during the pandemic.

Dr Swaroop Rawal | Honorary Graduate

The world is beautiful wonderful and mysterious! The sky, the rivers and the forests; all of it is mysterious and magical, and at the centre are you...May your world always be beautiful. Dream new dreams, embrace life with passion and keep reaching for the stars.

Go for it Graduates. 

Toby Hooper QC | Fellow

I send you my congratulations and every good wish on your graduation.

You will always be celebrated as a gifted generation which has applied the qualities of resilience and perseverance to the circumstances besetting the final year of your studies, and since. These are qualities which will serve you well throughout your future lives, and will mark you out to inspire and lead us all into better times. Thank you for that, and for being who and where you are today.

Sheila Tallon | Fellow

It is with great pride that we Fellows read of the example that students of Worcester university have set during these past extraordinary years. Positivity, care and concern for others and personal responsibility are amongst the attributes that have shone out from this institution. 

Although you will have had a different experience from that which you might have expected, I believe you will take resilience, collective responsibility and adaptability as unexpected bonuses as you graduate. 

I  wish all those of you going into teaching and education (my background), fortitude in the task ahead in supporting learning losses and life skills catch up amongst the young people in your charge and care. I am sure you will work to make a positive difference. Remember to enjoy it too!

Pamela Taylor | Fellow

Many congratulations on reaching the end of your course and graduating.  You have completed your studies during an extraordinary period for the world and have faced unprecedented challenges.  Nevertheless, you have persevered and succeeded, which is a testament to your strength of character.  As you move forward in your personal and professional lives, I hope that  you find great fulfilment in your lives and careers.  Graduates from Worcester are making such a positive difference in the world.  May you also find a way to contribute that brings you, and others, great joy.

Have a wonderful Graduation Day!

Professor Judith Elkin | President of The College of Fellows

Covid-19 made for a terrible year.

Congratulation to Class Of Very Inspired, Dedicated (COVID!) 2020.

I wish you all a wonderful future.

Mark Stansfeld | Fellow

Wonderful to see the success achieved by so many in what has been a truly challenging year.

Wishing you all the best for the future in a more settled world.

Sir Michael Perry

It is my pleasure and privilege to offer sincere congratulations to students about to graduate in ceremonies at Worcester Cathedral this year.  This is a key moment in all your lives, reminding the rest of us of our own feelings of pride and achievement on reaching such landmarks ourselves. Enjoy the moment, reached despite the stresses caused by the pandemic, and rejoice in the opportunities to which your academic success will surely lead.

Laura Bates | Honorary Graduate

Huge congratulations to all this year's graduates! This is such a difficult time to be graduating, which makes the achievement all the more spectacular. If you could finish your degree and graduate during a global pandemic, you can surely go on to do anything you put your mind to. Wishing you the very best of luck in everything you do in the future.

Graeme Hick

To All 2020 University Graduates,

Congratulations on graduating from University.

To complete your degrees under normal circumstances would be an achievement alone, but to have graduated while battling extreme challenges due to Covid-19 is an amazing accomplishment.

Congratulations, and all the best with what may lie ahead.

Dr John Inge | Bishop of Worcester

I consider it a great privilege to have been awarded an honorary degree by the University of Worcester and I value my association with the University greatly. I offer heartfelt congratulations to all those of you very belatedly graduating in person. At least you are the first in the UK to do so: another first for the University of Worcester!