Graduation Day

School of Education - Ceremony 4 at 3.30pm on Tuesday 22 June

Welcome Class of 2020 graduates! The information below will guide you and your guests through the day’s locations and timings.


  • Arrive at City Campus for gown collection and photography: between 1pm and 2:30pm
  • Walk to the Cathedral: 20 minutes
  • Arrive at the Cathedral by: 3pm
  • All Graduates seated in Cathedral by: 3:15pm
  • All guests seated in Arena by: 3:15pm
  • Ceremony: 3:30 to 4:30pm
  • Walk back to City Campus: 20 minutes
  • Reception at City Campus: 5 to 6:15pm
  • Depart City Campus: 6:15pm

Live stream

You can share and watch a live broadcast of the ceremony.


Before the Ceremony

Arrival at City Campus

You should aim to arrive at the City Campus about 2 hours before your ceremony. This will give you time to collect your gown, have your photograph taken and make your way to the Cathedral.

When you arrive, you should make your way to the Charles Hastings Building (the main building on the campus), to collect your tickets and gown. Your guests can stay with you while you do this. 


There will be plenty of signage and staff on site to direct you, and we’ll also be running a one-way system.

Put on your face covering!

Unless you are exempt, everyone should wear a face covering whenever they are indoors. This includes, for example, while collecting your robe and during the ceremonies.

Please remember to clean your hands before and after touching your face covering – including to put it on or remove it.

Face coverings should be safely stored in individual, sealable plastic bags between use

If a face covering becomes damp, it should not be worn and should be replaced carefully. Please consider bringing a spare face covering to wear if your first face covering becomes damp during the day.

Face visors or shields should not be worn as an alternative to face coverings. They may protect against droplet spread in specific circumstances but are unlikely to be effective in reducing aerosol transmission when used without an additional face covering:

  • Graduates and guests can remove their face coverings for the professional photographs. The photographer will wear a face covering and will stand well back and the rooms will be well-ventilated
  • Graduates will be able to remove their face covering  when they cross the platform as platform guests will maintain a 2m social distance

Find out more about face coverings

Collecting your gown and tickets

The first thing you should do when you arrive is to collect your academic gown and mortar board (cap). 


Staff will be ready to take your name and to give you your specially reserved gown. In order to maintain social distancing, you’ll need to put on your gown yourself, but there will be images and videos to help you. Your guests can stay with you while you do this.

Collecting your tickets

When you collect your gown, you will also collect tickets for you and your guests. Please keep your tickets with you, as you’ll need them at the Cathedral (for you) and the University of Worcester Arena (for your guests). You will also need your ticket to access the reception. 


Once you’ve got your gown on, it’s time for your official photography. Follow the signs to the photography studios, which are also in the Charles Hastings building. You should have booked your photography in advance, so you simply need to arrive at the studio. Your guests are also very welcome to join you for the photographs.

You can bring  a small number of extra friends and family with you for the professional photography. As the photography is taking place indoors, you will need to follow the rule of 6, which means you can bring a group that is:

  • Up to 6 in number from any number of households (children of all ages count towards the limit of 6)
  • Any size from up to two households

As we have to manage numbers very tightly in accordance with Covid-19 restrictions, all graduates are limited to two guest tickets, which you had to book in advance. So, although your additional guests can join you for photography, only your maximum of two ticketed guests can attend the ceremony and reception.

Rule of Six

You can find out more on the official photography website.

If you have chosen not to have photographs, you will be directed out of the building and can make your way to the Cathedral.

You are very welcome to take your own photographs on campus, including against the stunning backdrop of the historic Charles Hastings and Mulberry House buildings. 

Facilities at the City Campus

The City Campus has toilets, including disabled toilets, which will be open throughout the day.

Refreshments including tea and coffee will be available to purchase at the City Campus.

Staff will be available across the site, but if you need urgent help, please visit the Main Reception desk in the Charles Hastings Building.  

Travel to the Cathedral (graduates)

Once you have collected your gown and tickets and finished your photographs, it’s time to make your way to the Cathedral.

You will need to be at the Cathedral 30 minutes before your ceremony. This gives you time to get checked in and seated.  

Graduates will need to make their own way to the Cathedral and we expect that the majority of people will walk or wheel. The route is 0.8 miles (this is the same distance as travelling from the St. John’s reception to the Arena, to give you a sense of timing). It should take you about 15- 20 minutes to walk. This map suggests a route through town, but you can of course use any route you wish.

If you need to drive, the link below indicates the nearest, public pay and display car parks. There is no parking or drop off at the Cathedral itself.

Find out more at Worcester City Parking Sites.

Travel to the University Arena (guests)

While graduates are travelling to the Cathedral, their guests can make their way from the City Campus to the nearby University of Worcester Arena to watch the live broadcast of the ceremony.

The Arena is only a few minutes’ walk away from the City Campus and is most easily reached by leaving the City Campus by the bottom (Croft Road) exit and crossing the River Severn by the Sabrina footbridge. This map suggests a suitable walking route between the Arena and City Campus.

Guest seating at the Arena is on a first come, first served basis, so your guests will be able to choose where they sit.

Facilities at the University Arena

There are toilets, including disabled toilets, near the entrance to the Arena.  These will be well-signposted.

Arriving at the University Arena

Free parking is available at the Arena for guests attending the Graduation screenings.

Guests should not arrive in excess of 45 minutes before the ceremony time and should arrive in their guest group.

Whilst queuing, please maintain social distancing. You will be greeted by a member of the Arena team who will ask you to scan the NHS Track and Trace QR code for the Arena. Should you not have a phone/the App, the member of staff will take your details for track and trace purposes (which we will retain for 21 days).

Unless you are exempt, face coverings must be worn whilst inside the Arena.

Your ticket will be checked by the Arena team prior to admission through the turnstiles.

If you have any large bags, bag searches will be conducted in line with current bag search guidelines. Guests are advised to bring only essential items to the screening.

Seating is available both on flat surfaces (for guests with mobility issues) and in our tiered units (in a maximum of groups of 2). All seats are socially distanced at 1m+ and therefore face coverings should be worn throughout the screening.

The Ceremony

Arrival at the Cathedral

You should arrive at the Cathedral at least half an hour before your ceremony.

When you arrive at the Cathedral, you will be directed to the ‘College Green’ entrance, which is at the back of the Cathedral. You can see it on this map.

There will be staff outside the Cathedral to help direct you and answer questions.

As you make your way to the entrance, you will descend down a short series of steps. We have also mapped out a wheelchair accessible route from City Campus to the Cathedral. 

There is no parking or drop off available at the Cathedral itself. If you are driving, you will need to park at a public pay and display car park. If you need to be dropped off, you are recommended to stop in the King Street Car Park and make your way up Severn Street to the ‘College Green’ entrance.

The College Green entrance is shared with Kings School, so we are expecting it to be busy first thing in the morning and in the afternoon, as students begin and finish their school day. If your ceremony is at 9:30 or 3:30, you might wish to give yourself a little bit of extra time for travelling or using the drop off point.

You will need to wear a face covering, if you are able, when you are in the Cathedral.

Once you are in the Cathedral, it is usual etiquette to remove your cap. 

Seating for Graduates

When you arrive at the Cathedral, staff will guide you in. All Graduates sit together.  You will sit in an assigned seat, which will ensure that you are called up to the platform at the right moment. Staff will ensure that you are in the correct seat.

What happens during the ceremony?

During the ceremony, there will be speeches from University and Cathedral staff.

The highlight of the ceremony is the presentation of the graduates. A staff member will call you up from your seat at the right moment. When your name is read out, you will cross the stage and have a photograph taken. There is often lots of enthusiastic clapping!

You can remove your face covering just before you step on to the stage, so that it is not in your photographs. Staff on the platform will stand at least 2 metres away from you. 

You will need to access and exit the stage via a short ramp, so please remember this when choosing your footwear.

Photography in the Cathedral

You are not permitted to take photographs inside the Cathedral.

A professional photographer will take your photo when you cross the stage and you will be able to view and purchase this image, if you wish, through the official photographers.

You will be able to take your own photos when you return to the City Campus. 

Facilities at the Cathedral

There are toilets, including disabled toilets, near the entrance to the Cathedral.  These will be well-signposted.

The Cathedral café and shop will not be open during the Graduation week.

There is a hearing loop available during the ceremonies and staff will be able to advise you on this.

Find out more about the Cathedral and accessibility.

Leaving the Cathedral

When the ceremony concludes, there will be a short procession of staff from the stage, who will lead everyone out. Ushers will indicate when it is time for your row to stand and make your way out of the Cathedral.

When you leave the Cathedral, it’s very important that you continue to walk forward (i.e., not waiting by the doors) so that everyone can easily make their way out of the building.

You will have time to take a very quick photograph with fellow Graduates if you wish, but our staff will be encouraging everyone to begin their walk back to the City Campus as soon as possible. Current Covid-guidelines mean that it’s really important that large, informal crowds do not gather outside.

You will also want to be sure that you return in time for your reception!

Leaving the University Arena

Following the conclusion of the ceremony screening, guests are asked to leave the Arena as quickly as possible when prompted by our Arena team to ensure we can sanitise the Arena prior to admission of the following ceremony’s guests.

The exit will be at the back of the Arena and staff will guide you and be on hand to signpost you to the City Campus Reception.

Traveling back to the City Campus

Immediately following the ceremony, you should make your way back to the City Campus for your reception. This map indicates a suggested route from the Cathedral to City Campus.

Your guests should make their way from the University Arena to the City Campus at the same time. This map suggests a suitable walking route between the Arena and City Campus.

You will need to enter the City Campus at the bottom of the site, through the railway arches by The Hive. Staff and student ambassadors will be available to help direct you. 

The Reception

Reception location

The reception will be held outdoors at the City Campus, in a series of open-sided marquees.

You will need to enter the City Campus at the bottom of the site, by The Hive, through the railway arches. Staff and student ambassadors will be available to help direct you. 


Please have your ticket ready, as you will be checked in as you enter the reception. 

Once at the reception, you should stay with your household group. If you would like to speak with someone outside your household group, please maintain at least 1 metre of social distancing at all times. 

Reception timings

Depending on how quickly you return from the Cathedral, you should have about an hour at the reception.

Your schedule will indicate a departure time for you and your guests. As we are managing site numbers very carefully, to help maintain a Covid-secure environment, you will need to leave the site at your appointed time, so we are ready to welcome the next ceremony. 

Can additional guests join me at the reception?

No. As we are managing site numbers very carefully, to help maintain a Covid-secure environment, only you and your two ticketed guests are able to enter the site. 

Do I have to attend the reception?

You do not have to attend your reception. You are very welcome to make your own plans following the ceremony, but it is essential that you promptly return your academic gown and cap. You will return your gown at the City Campus, at a well-signposted drop off point near the Halls of Residence. 

What’s happening at the reception?

The reception is a friendly, informal reception, which will give you a chance to visit with classmates and staff.

There will be covered, open-sided marquees, offering shelter from any rain (or hot sunshine, if we are lucky), with live music in each marquee. Each of the marquees will be exactly the same, but the one on the right as you enter is particularly suitable for wheelchair access.  


A small, takeaway snack box will also available for you and your guests at no additional cost.

It is very important that you stay with your household group. If you are speaking to someone outside your household, please stand at least 1 metre away from them. 

The reception also offers you the chance to take your own photographs in your cap and gown. 


There will be a pop-up shop located on the quad at City Campus, where you can buy University of Worcester graduation merchandise

Food and drink

When you arrive, you and your guests will collect a summer snack box. The box will contain bite-sized food, which is packed in a sealed takeaway box and is easy to eat with your fingers.

It will include a:

  • Caesar Chicken Skewer
  • Cheese Puff
  • Strawberry and Cream tartlet

There will be vegan and gluten free options.

Please download the menu for full allergen information.

Available facilities at the reception

The reception will be hosted in covered, but open-sided marquees, which will offer protection from the weather, but as they are open at the sides, are considered an outdoor venue. This will allow excellent air circulation.

Refreshments including takeaway tea and coffee will be available to purchase at the City Campus.

There are toilets, including disabled toilets on the reception site as well as in Mulberry House, the Charles Hastings Building and The Hive library.  These will be well-signposted. 

Returning your academic gown

As you depart your reception, it is essential that you return your academic gown and cap. There will be a well-signposted drop off point, near to the City Campus Accommodation, which you will see as you exit the site.

You must return your gown on the day of your ceremony.  

Getting help on the day

Accessing assistance

If you need help on the day, look out for our many friendly staff and student ambassadors: most will either be wearing a blue student ambassador t-shirt, or a red academic gown, so they will be easy to spot!

If you have an emergency or require first-aid assistance, please report to the main reception desk at the City Campus. You can also telephone main reception on 01905 855 000


You can follow us on social media throughout the week, where we will be posting lots of stories, pictures, interviews and updates every day. Follow us and share your stories using #WorcGrad

Our local newspaper, the Worcester News, will also be covering Graduation. You can purchase a paper, or read the Worcester News online