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What is Clearing?

What is Clearing?

How does clearing work?

Clearing is your chance to find a university place this year if, for whatever reason, you donít hold any offers. It is the final stage of the annual UCAS university application process and allows universities fill up any spare undergraduate places they have.

When does clearing start?†††

If you are an A-level student, you will be able to add a Clearing choice on UCAS Track from 5pm on 16 August 2018.

Clearing actually starts on†5 July 2018. If†you don't yet have your exam results then you will need to wait until your results day†before you can apply through University Clearing.

When does clearing end?

†The UCAS application deadline is 23 October 2018.

How to apply through clearing

Clearing can be a time of confusion and stress but donít panic, our clearing team are here to help. If you are flexible and you have reasonable exam results, there is still a good chance you will find another course through Clearing.

Here at the University of Worcester, we offer these pages and a fantastic telephone helpline†to get you through Clearing and move on to the best days of your life.

Follow us on Twitter for more advice and the latest updates on course availability.

For more information on how to apply through Clearing, visit the UCAS Clearing website.