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Sports Coaching Science degrees

Our Sports Coaching Science programmes utilise an excellent range of facilities and you can gain coaching experience throughout your time here. 

We encourage students to gain coaching experience throughout their time as a Sports Coaching Student and offer a range of National Governing Body Coaching Awards to be taken throughout all three years of study, with additional opportunities offered in our Worcester Weeks.

The coach education programme operates both within modules and during extra curricula time and students who gain awards have the opportunity to earn additional income and develop their portfolio by contributing to our Earn as You Learn scheme and PE and Coaching Centre.

Students can also gain International experiences through a work placement in a coaching context of your choice and opportunities exist for studying abroad in universities in the USA, China, Australia and Europe.

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Sports Coaching Science degrees

Joint Honours

Physical Education and Sports Coaching Science BSc (Hons)

Visit our Joint Honours page to find out more about studying subjects in combination at the University of Worcester.

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