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Part-time work opportunities outside of the University

There are many different opportunities to work outside of the university. Last year we promoted over 300 external part time opportunities to students. You need to consider whether you are looking for experiences within a particular subject area or sector, or more general work experience. Institutes make links with relevant employers to identify opportunities for projects, placements or part time work. Some of these will be paid, others provide valuable experience for your CV, some can be incorporated into your course work by, for example, a work placement module or linked to an independent study. In all cases, you will gain evidence of the transferable skills listed under the benefits of earn as you learn. Talk to your tutors or Careers staff if you need help in making the most of your experience in application forms and interviews. Such subject-linked opportunities will be advertised by courses or institutes. Typical vacancies include sports coaching, care assistant work, working at children’s play schemes, learning support work in schools, language tutors, youth workers, retail, and administration

If you have sports coaching or refereeing qualifications, you should contact Michelle Morgan in the Institute of Sports and Exercise Science ( as she maintains a database of all such students and actively seeks work from local organisations. You don’t have to be studying sport to participate.  

Local employers are being encouraged to make use of IT students to develop their websites, and Psychology students to carry out research. Such opportunities are advertised within institutes.  

You can also make use of the holidays. Don’t forget that shops need extra staff for the Christmas rush, and these start to advertise in September.

There are a number of ways to find part-time work away from the University.

If you are searching for part time work, you will find the latest version of the part time jobs bulletin by visiting Careers & Employability which is located in Firstpoint. The bulletin will list the most recent jobs that are advertised in town or sent to the University. You can also find this on the Careers & Employability Facebook and Twitter. If you have sports coaching qualifications, investigate the opportunities offered through the Institute of Sports and Exercise Science (you don't have to be studying with that institute).

Local newspapers often have job vacancies. See the WM1 Jobs website for vacancies.

Online job boards often have student-friendly part-time vacancies. See the related links area of this page for contact details.

Shops, bars and restaurants often advertise vacancies in their windows. If you enquire be prepared to be interviewed on the spot, so present yourself smartly and take a CV.

Recruitment agencies may offer part time work, particularly specialist agencies such as those offering care or catering opportunities further  See the right hand column for further information. 

Personal contacts

Many part-time jobs do not get advertised, they rely on word-of-mouth.

  • Ask around and let people know that you are looking for a job. If you know someone who is giving up a job – you could ask them to recommend you as a replacement.
  • Application is usually in person – bring a CV, references and any documents you may need.


  • Protect yourself from scam job adverts such as those that ask for money, commission only, or those that ask for personal information such as bank details. Visit Careers & Employability for advice if you are concerned.
  • Use your contacts – ask your friends and fellow students if they know of any opportunities. If you have worked for a shop or bar elsewhere in the country, see if you can transfer to a more local branch.