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Media & Culture degrees

Our Media & Culture programmes focus on the academic study and exploration of a wide range of cultural phenomena.

You will investigate ways in which the media and digital communication have shaped today’s world, its values and politics – and, as a result, identity and human experience. Throughout, you will engage with some of the hot topics of our times, from Green Media to Democracy and the Media, from War to Gender.

There will be opportunities to explore all forms of media and culture, including TV, advertising, radio, pop music, sport, social networks, newspapers and magazines, as well as a multitude of fascinating questions such as 'Why do people the world over listen to rap and hip hop'; 'Should young women dress like Miley Cyrus'; How does the news report immigration'; 'Why do people reinvent themselves on Facebook and in Second Life?'; and 'How does advertising work?’

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Media & Culture degrees

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