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Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Access to CELTA) (LANG1011)

This 30-credit module is suitable for students in their first or second year of undergraduate study. Once you have successfully completed this module, you can continue working towards a TEFL qualification (CELTA) by taking LANG 2011.

Key features:

  • A stimulating module taught by inspired TEFL experts
  • Small communicative classes of up to 20 students
  • A friendly and supportive learning environment
  • Strong focus on enhancing your employability
  • Potential to lead to the internationally recognised CELTA certificate
Module content

Outline and assessment

This module introduces you to three broad areas of study:

  • The global context of the English language and TEFL
  • Awareness of the key features of language
  • Underlying concepts and principles of language teaching methodology

Throughout the module understanding the main elements of the English language is closely linked to the implications for teaching. The focus is on understanding the language and being able to explain the key concepts to non-native learners of English.

You will be assessed on the basis of a reflective journal and two coursework tasks.



Transferrable skills and job opportunities

The course covers transferrable skills such as team building, time management and cultural awareness. You will also gain skills in observation and critical reflection, which can be applied in any study or work context. 

  • You will develop your awareness of the English language, enabling you to improve your own language skills in preparation for teaching others to improve theirs.
  • You will be able to broaden your horizon by looking through the eyes of a foreign learner of English.
  • You will lay the foundation for embarking on a career in TEFL.

Some examples of TEFL job opportunities:

How to enrol

Module selection

You can enrol for this module on your SOLE page: go to the student portal > SOLE > Module information > Select modules. If you are unsure whether your course programme allows you to select this module, ask a programme adviser.

Entry requirements


When taking this module you cannot take LANG1001: Introduction to Teaching English as a Foreign Language.