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World Cultures

For 2016/17 the following 30 credit World Cultures Elective modules are available for you to choose:

CULT 1001: World Cultures

In everyday life and work, it is becoming ever more important to comprehend the diverse cultures which make up our increasingly globalised world. The World Cultures module meets that need by enhancing your understanding of people’s beliefs, lifestyles, cultural representations and means of communication.

You will find this Elective beneficial not only if you are culturally curious, but also interested in pursuing a career in business, social work, housing, local or international government, as well as the arts, cultural industries and media.

CULT 2001: Cultures and Societies in a Changing World

Cultures are complex structures that are both dynamic and static, and the cultural forms through which they operate are constantly opening up new vistas into our own and other cultures. This Elective aims to develop students’ understanding of both their own and other cultures through a range of different cultural productions including film, contemporary art, architecture and city landscapes, literature and fashion.

This module will aid students in understanding what lies behind some of the cultural similarities and differences that exist in the world. In so doing it will lay the foundations for a working life in a world where cross-cultural communication is ever more important.