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For 2016/17 the following 30 credit Sustainability Elective modules are available for you to choose:

SUST 1001: An Introduction to Sustainability

Sustainability is one of the ‘big issues’ of contemporary societies across the globe and employers, large and small, need staff who understand and can lead on sustainable development. In this Elective you will examine the assumptions underpinning issues such as climate change and economic development together with their social consequences.

The Elective will introduce you to the interesting and highly controversial conceptions of sustainability, with contributions from experts in artistic, scientific, business, and well-being areas drawn from within the University and from the wider community.

SUST 2001: Sustainability in the Workplace

This module is designed to increase your employability. Compliance with mandatory environmental and sustainability regulations and voluntary guidelines is becoming increasingly important for all businesses such that 85% of graduate jobs now demand knowledge of sustainability.

SUST2001 delivers the skills required to work in a small or large organisation to audit, report and advise on sustainable development practices. The necessary techniques in behaviour change programmes, communications, carbon footprinting, auditing etc. are covered in the first part of the module, as is information on the relevant legislation. The module involves 100 hours working within an organisation to gain experience of putting into practice the skills and techniques explored in the first part of the module.