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Healthy Lifestyles

For 2016/17 the following 30 credit Healthy Lifestyles Elective modules are available for you to choose:

HLST 1001: Healthier Lifestyles

This Elective will give you the opportunity to learn about health in its broadest sense and to gain a greater understanding of how lifestyle modification can make a difference to health at both individual and community levels.

If you think you might benefit from the adoption of a healthier lifestyle and also wish to attempt to make a difference to the health of an identified community, this Elective will interest you.

HLST 2001: Promoting Healthier Lifestyles

This Elective will allow you to focus, as a student project team, on a particular ‘community’ and in so doing develop, implement, evaluate and reflect upon the effectiveness of an evidence-based community-focussed healthy lifestyle enhancement programme.

You will be exposed to many aspects and conceptualisations of ‘health’ from a number of disciplinary perspectives; learning will be team based and community focussed throughout, with a high degree of practical relevance. The module will enhance your team working and project management skills in order to help your team to achieve the best possible health outcomes in your chosen ‘community’.