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Explorations in Education

For 2016/17 the following 30 credit Explorations in Education Elective modules are available for you to choose:

EDUC 1001: Explorations in Education

This Elective is designed to enhance your knowledge and understanding of the role of education in contemporary society and your own learning experiences.

If you are considering careers in teaching and education and in related areas such as personnel, training advice, social work, housing and local government, then this Elective will be of interest to you.

EDUC 2001: Engaging with Education

This Elective module aims to broaden students critical awareness and understanding of the purposes and processes of education. Whilst exploring mainstream education within the module, there are other forms of education and knowledge production and this module seeks to offer students the chance to critically explore some of these alternatives both in theory and practice.

This module is for students who wish to volunteer, or already work, in an educational setting. Students will undertake observation of some of the skills and processes associated with learning and teaching.